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This week I decided it would be nice to stock up on some toys and treats for buddy. We have nearly had him for a whole year, and wanted to buy some treat for him to open for this special occasion. I am a huge dog fan and have they have always been my favourite pet (sorry cat fans). But i love to wrap his presents up, just as much as he loves opening them.

I decided to go to my local pet shop to pick up some treats, I have to say I did get a little carried away. What I love most was the treats, they had so many different ones to chose from, however i did have to be careful not to buy to many as well as ones which my upset his stomach. 

Some of the new treats i have chosen to go for was whimzees dog treats, they have so many different treats to chose from, what i like most about this brand is the different shapes they have, from crocodiles to toothbrushes. They are also quiet hard, which i like as most dog treats don't tend to last very long. I would definitely recommend these treats. 

With the toys although there were a wide range of toys to chose from, i was still quiet limited in what i was able to pick, this was due to the fact there was a lot of fluffy animal toys, which i knew would only last for a very small amount of time, if i was lucky maybe 2 days. I decided to stick to the vinyl toys, such as the sausages on the rope, and Brownie and Cream Dog Toy.

Does anyone else spoil there dog as much as i do? 

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