Baby Blanket

I have made several baby blankets before, however they have always been themed for baby boys, using blues, white and grey. So when i found out that a friend at work was having a baby girl, i was over the moon to get to create a baby blanket for a girl. 

I thought about doing a similar theme to the boy blankets, such as different shades of pinks as well as white. However I wanted to make something a little different, something more bright and colourful. I wanted to keep it as the same size as the pervious blankets, as it's the ideal size for a cot as well as a pram. I wanted each square to be a different colour, but at the same time I wanted 
it to blend together nicely, without it looking to bold. By going round each of the squares with one final colour I thought it would work nicely. I had to make a total of 49 squares, seven different colours. The style of square I chose to go with was granny squares.

What I like most about this style of stitch is the fact that it keeps it shape so well. After very careful consideration I decided to chose, purple, orange, blue, yellow, light pink, green and white for my 7 different colour squares. I decided to go round each square with a darker shader of pink, due to it being a baby girl blanket. To start off with i wasn't completely sure that I had made the right decision with the colours, however I decided to carry on, and i'm so glad that I did. Its so different from what I have done before and i'm some ways it is completely out of my comfort zone. The colours work so well together and i am happy with how this turned out. 

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