Christmas Stocking

Just before christmas I decided to make a christmas stocking for my dog buddy. I love christmas and wanted him to play a big part in this. I didn't want or need the stocking to be huge, but a size which was big enough for a few treats and toys. The stocking measures 15 inches tall by 5 inches wide. 

What I love most about this stocking is the colours that i used, red, white and green, really reminds me of christmas, as well as gets me into the christmas spirt. I am currently making more stocking with the same design and possibly the same colours. 

As you can see from the photo below i has attempted to draw out the pattern for the Hexagon, each line represents a double crochet. For example it is like making a granny square. To finish off the Hexagon I went around each one with a single crochet, so that when joining them all together it gave it a more polished look.  

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  1. These are lovely, going to try and make some for this Christmas.