So for the last month I have been working on a larger project for a christmas present. I love making things for people, and wanted to make something more personal as a present rather than buying just anything for a gift. I came up with this idea after seeing a few inspirations from other crocheter on Facebook. I wanted it to be fairly a large size so it can be used a blanket or throw for a bed. I came up with several different designs such as adding names, however I felt that it took away from the main image.

In total I used 10 balls of light blue wool, for the background, due to having to wait for stock to come back in, it took a lot longer to complete. However it was definitely worth it. I gave me time to look over my work and work out if there was any changes i would or need to make before completely finishing it. Not only this but also gave me time to start designing my new blanket, as well as focusing on items for my Etsy page.

I really enjoyed this project, although it is a lot longer than other projects that i have done. I really did enjoyed the challenge. 

As you can you can see from the diagram below I have coloured the wings as a grey colour, however when making the blanket I chose to make them white, it was always my intention to make them white, however i wasn't sure what colour I wanted the background to be. I also came up with the idea to use a white and sparkle wool, however after consideration i felt that the may have been to much, being slightly to distracting.

I never wrote a step by step for this pattern, as I just worked on it from the computer, however if someone wants to write the patten up, i believe that it not that hard, the only reason for not doing this at the moment is that there are 160 rows in total, A lot more than my usual 25 by 25 graphs. 

I would love to know what you all think to it down in the comments below.

Tinkerbell c2c pattern

B = BLUE           G = GREEN           F = FLESH/SKIN           GR = GREY           W = WHITE           DF = DARK FRESH/SKIN           Y = YELLOW           BL =BLACK           P = PINK

(Please message me below if i have made a mistake, I have checked the pattern over three times, but as you can see there are a lot of rows)

Row 1 - 25 = All B
Row 26 =    7B     1G  18B
Row 27 =    21B   1G   5B
Row 28 =    8B     1G   19B
Row 29 =    20B   1G   1B   1G    6B 
Row 30 =    7B     3G   20B
Row 31 =    20B   5G   6B
Row 32 =    4B     3F    5G   20B
Row 33 =    21B   4G   4F    1B   1G    2B
Row 34 =    2B     2G   5F    4G   21B
Row 35 =    20B   4G   5F    4G  2B
Row 36 =    1B     2GR    2G    6F    3G    22B
Row 37 =    22B   6G       3F    2G   3GR   1B   
Row 38 =    1B     1GR    1W   2GR    1G    5F     5G  22B
Row 39 =    23B    4G     6F     1G    3W    2B    
Row 40 =    2B      1G     3W    1DF     6F     4G    23B  
Row 41 =    23B    4G     7F     1DF     3W     1G     2B
Row 42 =    3B      1F     2W     2DF    7F      3G    24B
Row 43 =    25B    4G     5F     5DF   2F    2B 
Row 44 =    3B      4DF    9F     3G   25B   
Row 45 =    25B    4G    10F    3DF   3B   
Row 46 =    4B     1DF   12F    3G    26B
Row 47 =    26B    4G    12F   1DF    4B  
Row 48 =    4B     13F    4G    27B 
Row 49 =    27B    4G    14F    4B
Row 50 =    3B     15F    4G    28B
Row 51 =    28B    5G    15F   3B
Row 52 =    2B     16F    3G    3F   28B 
Row 53 =    28B    5F     2G    16F    2B
Row 54 =    2B      1G    15F   1DF   6F      29B
Row 55 =    29B    7F     2DF    2F   6DF    6F     1G  2B
Row 56 =  2B  1G  2GR   2F   3DF   1F   4DF   3G   9F   2W  27B
Row 57 =  26B   4W  9F   2G   2F   3DF   2F   2DF   1F   3GR  3B
Row 58 =  3B  4GR  1B   1DF    3F    2DF   2F   2G   7F   1DF   2F    4W    26B 
Row 59 = 27B   3W   3F   5DF   3F   1G    3F    2DF   3F   1DF   1B   1GR   2W   1GR    3B
Row 60 =  4B    3W   1B    1DF   4F    1DF     3F    1G    2F     4DF    1F    2G    2F    4W   27B
Row 61 =  27B  4W    3F    2G    3F    1DF    2F    1G    3F   2DF    4F    2B    2W    1G     4B
Row 62 =  5B    1G   1W   1G   1B   1DF    4F   1DF   3F    1G   2F   1DF   1F     5G    3F    3W   28B
Row 63 =  28B   4W    2F     5G    4F    1B    3F    1DF    5F    1DF     1B    3G    5B
Row 64 =  6B   3G   1B   5F    1DF    3F   1B    2F  1DF    1F    5G    3F    3W    29B
Row 65 =   29B   3W    3F    6G   1F    1DF    1F   1B   9F   1DF    1B    2G    7B 
Row 66 =  8B    1G    2B    5F   1DF   3F    2B    3F   5G    3F    3W   30B
Row 67 =  31B    2W   3F    6G     1F     4B    8F    1DF   11B
Row 68 =  12B    5F    1DF    2F    4B    2F    6G     3F    3W   30B
Row 69 =  5W   3F    6G    1F    4B    9F     12B
Row 70 =  13B    5F    1DF   2F   4B   2F    6G    3F    5W   29B
Row 71 =  28B   6W    3F    1DF    6G    1F    5B   8F    13B
Row 72 = 14B    7F    6B   1F   6G    3F   7W  1B    3Y    24B
Row 73 =  23B   5Y     7W   3F   1DF    6G    1F    6B    6F    15B
Row 74 = 15B    7F    6B   1F    5G    4F    7W    6Y   23B
Row 75 =  23B   7Y    6W    3F   1DF    6G    7B   6F    16B
Row 76 =  17B   5F    7B    1F   2G   1DF    2G    5F    5W    8Y    23B    
Row 77 =  23B   8Y    6W    5F    1DF   1F    2G   1F   8B   4F   18B
Row 78 =  19B   3F    9B    1F    1G   8F    5W    8Y    24B
Row 79 =  24B 7Y   1G   1W   2Y   3W   6F    1DF   1G   1F   10B   2F   20B
Row 80 = 32B  10F   1W   5Y   1G   7Y   24B

Start decreasing 

Row 81 =  24B   6Y   1G    6Y   1W   9F  32B
Row 82 =  32B   8F   1W    7Y    1G   6Y    23B
Row 83 =  23B   5Y   1G     8Y    3DF    5F    32B
Row 84 =  32B   5F    3DF   1Y   2F     5Y   1G    5Y   22B 
Row 85 =  21B   1W   4Y    1G    5Y    3F    4DF    1B   3F    32B  
Row 86 =  32B   2F    2B     7F     10Y    1W    20B
Row 87 =  19B   2W   4Y    1G     4Y    8F     35B
Row 88 =  34B   6F    10Y    4W   18B 
Row 89 =  17B   3W   11Y   7F   33B 
Row 90 =  32B   8F    6Y    8W   16B
Row 91 =  15B   9W   5Y   9F     31B
Row 92 =  31B   1F    2P     6F    4Y    1B    9W    14B
Row 93 =  13B   8W   2B    5Y    5F    3P   1F    30B  
Row 94 =  30B   1F    1P    1W    6F    4Y    3B    8W    12B
Row 95 =  11B   7W   5B    3Y    2F    1BL    4F     1W   2F   29B
Row 96 =  29B   1F   1P   4F   2BL    2F     3Y     5B   7W   10B
Row 97 =  9B     6W    7B     2Y    3F     2BL    5F   29B
Row 98 =  28B   5F    2BL    3F     3Y    7B    6W    8B
Row 99 =  7B    5W    9B     2Y     4F    1DF    1BL    2F   1DF   1F   28B
Row 100 =  28B   7F    1B   1F   1DF     2Y    9B    5W   6B
Row 101 =   5B     4W   10B    3Y   1DF   1F  1BL    4F   1BL   29B
Row 102 =   29B   1DF    2F     2BL   1F   1DF   3Y   11B    4W    4B
Row 103 =   3B     3W     12B   4Y    1DF    4F   1DF     29B
Row 104 =   29B   1F    1DF    8Y     13B    2W   2B
Row 105 =   1B     2W   13B    1W    7Y    1DF   1F   29B
Row 106 =   29B   1F    1DF   7Y   1W  15B 
Row 107 =   14B   2W    9Y   28B
Row 108 =   28B  9Y    2W    13B
Row 109 =   12B   3W    1B    7Y     28B
Row 110 =    27B   8Y    1B     3W   11B
Row 111 =    10B   3W   2B    7Y      27B
Row 112 =    27B   6Y    3B    3W   9B
Row 113 =    8B    3W   4B    3Y    29B
Row 114 =    36B  3W   7B
Row 115 =    7B    2W   36B   
Row 116 =    36B  2W   6B  
Row 117 =    5B    2W   36B
Row 118 =    36B  2W   4W
Row 119 =    3B    2W   36B 
Row 120 =    37B  1W   2B
Row 121 =    1B    1W   37B
Row 122 - 160 = All B

(Please message me below if i have made a mistake, I have checked the pattern over three times, but as you can see there are a lot of rows)


  1. oh wow that looks amazing...... when I have finally caught up with my outstanding requests I am going to have a go at making this.

  2. Thank you so much this is so beautiful can't wait to make it

    1. You welcome, please do post a photo of when you made it would love to see it :D

  3. thank you very much for sharing, it is beautiful

    1. Your more than welcome, im glad you like it :D

  4. Awesome my granddaughter would love this!!!!!

    1. Im so glad you like it, thank you for you lovely comment, please send me a photo if make this blanket would love to see it :D

  5. Row 47: it says 12f then 1f and 4b. But after the 12f you only have room for 4 more stitches... Is it just 4b or should the 1f be a 1df with 3b??

  6. Hi Jennifer sorry i have only just seen your message , for row 47 i have just doubled checked and it should be 26 blue, 4 green, 12F 1DF and then 4 blue, i missed the d off. If you would like i can seen you a photo of this row counted out.

    1. Hi Emma I'm not sure if it's me or not but I think the counts are off after that row.... I'm gonna double check my stuff and I'll let you know thanks for replying

  7. What is the finished size?

    1. Heya the blanket measures at 135cm - 135cm.

  8. On row 69 you 5W 3F 6G 1F 4B 9F 12B. That only adds up to 40 stitches. I aussme that the other 29 stock are blue and go before the the 5W.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for spotting that out :)

      The correct line is: 27B 6Y 3B 3W 9B

      I have also updated it above

      thanks again :)