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In December I did some lush shopping for some christmas presents as well as received some as christmas presents. 

Im not going to lie and I'm sure most people are thinking the same thing, but lush is one of the best beauty shops on the high street. They sell the most amazing product as well as the most helpful staff. I haven't tried all the products in store, however if i had the money I would definitely would.     
My favourite product by them is the bath bombs, although I no longer have a bath due to the fact that I now live on a narrowboat, I still like to buy them for when I go on holiday to get that extra relaxing feeling. I have tried so many bath bombs, and the one which stands out to me most is the Dragon's egg. This is because i just love the smell which it gives off. The lemon sherbet smell is simply amazing, the colours when it dissolves also work really well with the scent of the bath bomb. So when i went back that was one of the first items i picked up first. 

Dragons Egg

I have tried several different bath bombs in the past, to name a few: golden wonder, Blackberry Bath Bomb, Tisty Tosty and Sex Bomb. I have even tried The Comforter, a bubble bar, which I have to say looks amazing and reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream. This time I wanted to try something new, so i went for Intergalactic. I have seen some really good reviews about this particular bath bombs, I have even watch a few haul videos about this bath bomb, and just had to get it, although i am yet to try this one, i will definitely be trying it when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks. What stood out most about this was the way it melted in the bath, it does exactly what it says in the title, and I just love it. 


The whole reason why i went to Lush was to find some secret santa presents, as well as something for some family members. Didn't want to get bath bombs as i knew that two of the people I was buying for either don't have a bath or no longer use it due to age, so I wanted to find something that they could still use when and as good as a bath bomb. I decided to look at the lush soaps to see what they had to offer, and i was not disappointed. I normally just go in for some bath bombs and thats it. I was welcomed by one of the staff members at the Leicester lush store, who kindly walked me though all of the soaps they had to offer, telling me about all the ingredients in each of the soaps had, as well as some of her own personal favourites. I had a rough idea on what I wanted to buy for each person but was struggling with one particular family member. She is currently in her early 80's and isn't into the strong citrus scents. The women suggested a couple of different soaps such as Serendipity and Respect Your Elders. Both soaps were purple in colour, however both had completely different scents. 
Respect your elders had a black current scent with elderflower infusion, where as Serendipity  has a lavender scent, although both look amazing a felt that on this particular occasion Serendipity looked and smelt more for my family member, although i do love black current in the shop it looked a lot darker, and felt that a slightly more lighter colour was more cheerful for a  christmas present. 
Respect your elders
I also had secret santa presents to buy and also thought that soap would be a nice chose, I also wanted something bright in colour as well as smells amazing. I decided to go for Maypole a peppermint soap and Bohemian which has a light citrus scent, both so different, but at the same time work so well together. 

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