Hello Kitty

So now the holidays are over I really shouldn't be making anymore christmas themed pixel patterns, although I'm sure there will be a couple which slips in once in a while. I have decided to do something completely different this week, still keeping to the pixel c2c pattern. Hello Kitty is popular all over the world, most of all by my niece, so i only found it right to design a hello kitty pattern which i wanted to make into a cushion cover. 

I have altered the photo slightly due to when making the pattern up i felt that some parts such as the ear with the bow was not right as it was taller than the right one, which to me isn't right :) 
(you can see from the photo above). Although there is five colours in this pattern, i feel that this pattern isn't that hard to follow, as there is a lot of solid colours in this pattern. Also what i would call the nose, but could possibly be the mouth on hello kitty (yellow section) i have added a black boarder around it, however i can't help think that it may look better without the boarder, and then adding it after, so that the boarder isn't so thick.( I will mark it clearly in the pattern step by step to show you where it is if you want to take it out). Also as you can see from the photo above i have also added i lashes to give that extra finish to the pattern, which i think works so well. Where as all my patterns so far have currently only gone up to 25 rows, this pattern goes up to 30, so please bare this in mind.  


(Please note that the patterns written in red indicate where the black outline of the mouth, so if you don't want to add this in, simply just add in an extra number to the pervious and after numbers. Hope this makes sense.)

Row 1 - 7 = All LP
Row 8 =   1LP   1B  6LP
Row 9 =   6LP   1B  2LP 
Row 10 = 3LP   1B  6LP
Row 11 = 4LP   3B  4LP
Row 12 = 1LP   1B  1LP   6B   3LP
Row 13 = 2LP   2B  4W    3B   2LP  
Row 14 = 1LP   1B  1LP   1B   6W   2B   2LP
Row 15 = 2LP   1B  7W    3B   2LP
Row 16 = 3LP   1B   1W   1B   7W   1B    2LP
Row 17 = 2LP   1B   9W   2B   3LP
Row 18 = 3LP   1B   11W  1B   2LP
Row 19 = 2LP   1B   7W   1B   3W   1B   4LP
Row 20 = 4LP   1B   3W   2B   2W   2B   3W   1B   2LP
Row 21 = 2LP   1B   3W  1B    1Y   1B    3W   2B   3W   1B   4LP
Row 22 = 5LP   1B   3W  1B    3W  1B    1Y   1B    3W   3LP 
Row 23 = 3LP   1B   2W   1B   1Y   1B   8W   2B   4LP
Row 24 = 4LP   3B   8W   1B   1Y   3W  1B   3LP 
Row 25 = 3LP    1B    3W   2B    11W   1B   4LP
Row 26 = 5LP    17W    4LP
Row 27 = 4LP    1B    16W   1B   5LP
Row 28 = 5LP    1B    17W   1B   4LP
Row 29 = 5LP    1B    17W   6LP
Row 30 = 6LP    1B    17W   1B   5LP

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 31 =  5LP   1B   3W   1B   12W   1B   6LP
Row 32 =  6LP   2B   10W   2B    3W    1B    4LP
Row 33 =  3LP   2B   3W    2B     8W    2B    7LP 
Row 34 =  8LP   1B    8W   1B   3W   1B   1LP   1B   2LP 
Row 35 =  3LP   1B    1W   1B   11W   8LP     
Row 36 =  7LP   1B   11W   2B   3LP 
Row 37 =  3LP   1B   8W   2B   1W   1B   7LP   
Row 38 =  7LP   2B    1DP   1B   6W   3B   2LP        
Row 39 =  3LP   1B    4W    3B   2DP  1B   7LP
Row 40 =  6LP   1B    1DP   6B   1W   3B   2LP   
Row 41 =  1LP   1B   1LP   3B   3DP   1B   3DP   1B    5LP
Row 42 =  5LP   8DP   1B   4LP  
Row 43 =  4LP   1B   1DP   1B   2DP   1B   2DP   1B   4LP
Row 44 =  4LP   3DP   1B   1DP   2B   1DP    4LP
Row 45 =  3LP   1B   2DP   4B   1DP   1B   3LP
Row 46 =  3LP   4B   1W   1B   1DP   3LP
Row 47 =  2LP   1B   1DP   1B   1W   1B   6LP
Row 48 =  6LP   4B   2LP
Row 49 =  2LP   1B   8LP   
Row 50 - 59 = All LP


  1. hello. i am french. and i don't speaking english very well!! escuse me. but, thank you very much for your crochet pattern for a crochet blanket.
    see you soon.


  2. Hi sonia, thank you so much for your lovely comment, im glad you like it, if you do make this i would love to see it :D