The last few weeks

First of all, sorry that it has been so quiet on here for the last few weeks, I have been mega busy working, visiting family and crocheting :)

I'm currently working at Paperchase, and have been loving every minute of it, if you haven't heard of paperchase you need to check it out. Due to it being the Christmas period it has been so busy, and there is so much Christmassy stuff, which yes I have perhaps gone a little over board with wrapping this year, however I find wrapping presents is the best part of Christmas. I normally go for a very fun theme of Christmas paper, however this year I felt that  more modern classy theme was more me this year. I always buy my Christmas wrapping paper from paperchase and this year went for the woodland antler roll wrap. I just love the colours as they feel and look so Christmassy. However I did have to buy this paper very early due to the fact that it was extremely popular and hard to get hold of. Not only this but I also brought the matching bags and gift boxes, with white and navy tissue paper. I feel that you have to keep to one theme if you can, I have had to buy a different style of wrap this year, as like I have said before the woodland antler paper was very hard to get hold of, however I do love it just as much, I went for a Kraft style wrapping paper with white raindeers on top. What I love most about Kraft paper is that white gel pens just looks amazing with it when writing out the name on the presents.

Last week a sold my first item on etsy and was completely over the moon, I wasn't expecting to sell anything, due to the fact st I haven't been advertising and needing to re-Photograph my items. The item was only something small, but it doesn't matter any sale is a big deal. I have already started thinking of new ideas for protential items, however it is just having the time to do this. I am going to set myself a challenge in the new year to make more items for etsy and to blog more. I have so many items, from making vintage camera make up bags to more gifts and Christmas items ready for next year. I have already made a vintage camera make up bag, but used it as a secret Santa present, which worked amazing. 
(item sold of Etsy)

(Secret Santa Present)

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