Mrs Clause

This weeks extra pattern was requested by "Emma Wall" I have designed Mrs Clause. Thank you Emma for you idea, and i hope you like it as much as i do.

 When googling photos for inspiration for my design I noticed that a lot of the photos if not all of them had Mrs Clause wearing glasses. I designed her to be wearing glasses however I'm not completely sure if they suit the pattern. I have included them within the pattern, however have come up with another way to add them, without them looking so big.

The way I was thinking was to complete the pattern without including the glasses, and then threading some wool in at the end so that the glasses are a lot thinner. Im not sure which one I prefer. if anyone has any ideas about the glasses then please do let me know down in the comments, as i would love you opinion about this.

I love the colour background, as it looks so subtle and feel that it will look amazing with a the bright red colour of mrs Clauses hat and top. Was going to do her hair white to match Santa's hair however I felt that it would blend in to much with the white of the hat, what do you guy's think?

Does anyone else have any other pattern requests, i would love to keep these patterns going, they don't even have to be christmas related. With this c2c crochet pattern there is a lot of colour changes, so this definitely isn't an easy pattern to do, there is a total of nine colours in the particular pattern, the most i have ever had in one pattern, so just take your time. I have checked the pattern several times as there is a lot of colour codes in this one, however i may have made a mistake, so if you do notice something please leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page, so that i can update it asap.

P = PURPLE    R = RED    G = GREY    W = WHITE    C = CREAM    T = TOFFEE    PI = PINK    B = BROWN    BL = BLACK 
Row 1 - 4 = All P
Row 5 = 1P   1R  3P
Row 6 = 4P   1R  1P
Row 7 = 1P   2R  4P
Row 8 = 5P   2R  1P
Row 9 = 1P   3R  1P   1G   3P
Row 10 = 3P   3G   3R   1P
Row 11 = 1P   3R   5G   2P
Row 12 = 2P   6G   3R   1P
Row 13 = 1P   4R   7G   1G
Row 14 = 1P   4G   4C   4R   1P
Row 15 = 1P   4R   5C   4G   1P
Row 16 = 1P   4G   1C   1B   5C   3R   1P
Row 17 = 1P   3R    2C   2PI  1C  3B   3G    2P 
Row 18 = 2P   3G    1C   1B   1W   1B   2C   1PI   2C    3R    1P
Row 19 = 1P   4R    1C   1PI   2C   1B   1BL  1W   1B  3G   1W  2P   
Row 20 = 2P   2W   2G   1C   1B   2W   1B   2C    1PI  1C   4R   1P 
Row 21 = 1P   4R   1C   1PI   3C   1B   1W   1B   1C   2G   2W  1P   1W   1P
Row 22 = 1P   2W   1R   2W   1G   2C   2B   1C  1T    4C   1G   3R 1P
Row 23 = 1P   3R   2G   1C   1PI   3C   2B   2C   1G   2W   1R   1P  1W   1R   1P  
Row 24 = 2P   1R   1P   2R   2W   4C   1B   1C  1B   3C   2G   4P
Row 25 = 5P   2G   2C  3B   4C   2W   2R   1P   2R   2P

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 26 =  2P   1R   1P   3R   2W   4C   1B   1W   1B   2C   2G    4P
Row 27 =  3P   3G  1C   1B  1BL   1W  1B   3C   2W   6R   1P
Row 28 =  1P   6R  2W  3C   1B   2W  1B    1C   2G  3P
Row 29 =  3P   2G  1C   1B   1W   1B   3C   2W   6R   1P
Row 30 =  1P   6R  2W   3C   2B   1C   2G   3P
Row 31 =  2P   3G   2B   3C   2W   6R   1P
Row 32 =  1P   6R   2W   4C   3G   2P  
Row 33 =  2P   6G   2W   1P
Row 34 =  1P   6R   2W   5G   2P   
Row 35 =  1P   5G   2W   6R   1P
Row 36 =  1P   6R   2W   4G   1P 
Row 37 =  1P   3G   2W   6R   1P
Row 38 =  1P   6R   2W   2G   1P
Row 39 =  2P   2W  6R   1P
Row 40 =  1P   6R   1W  2P   
Row 41 =  3P   5R   1P 
Row 42 =  1P   3R   4P
Row 43 - 49 =  ALL P


  1. Now can I be cheeky you no u did the Halloween one could u do a witch and ghost, devil ,vampire, skeleton ,spider, web that if u would like to do it I think it will be cool for next Halloween:) xxxxxx

  2. And thank you so much for doing Mrs Claus she is fab xxxxx

    1. Hi Emma, you are more than welcome, so glad you like her, I will be starting the halloween patterns in the next week or so. I will most likely be make a total of nine like the christmas blanket. :)