Christmas Pudding

This weeks christmas pixel pattern is the christmas pudding, this is one of the easier and quicker patterns, although there are 6 colours within this pattern the is a lot of block colours.  

This pattern is once again a c2c (Corner two corner), however feel free to try a different style. What love to see your christmas pudding when you finish it. As you can tell from the photo I have two different colour greens to show the that there are intact to holly leafs on top of the pudding. However if you don't want two different colours, one way would to thread the darker green around the two leafs after you finish the pattern, with the lighter green for the two leafs. 

Y = Yellow    B = Brown    W = White    R = Red    G = Green    DG = Dark Green 

Row 1 - 11 = All Y
Row 12 =  4Y   2B   6Y
Row 13 =  5Y   4B   4Y
Row 14 =  4Y   6B   4Y
Row 15 =  3Y   8B   4Y
Row 16 =  4Y   8B   1W    3Y 
Row 17 =  3Y   2W  8B     4Y
Row 18 =  4Y   9B   2W    3Y
Row 19 =  4Y   2W  9B     4Y
Row 20 =  4Y   10B  2W   4Y
Row 21 =  5Y   2W  1OB  4Y 
Row 22 =  4Y   8B   5W    5Y
Row 23 =  6Y   5W  8B     4Y
Row 24 =  5Y   8B   4W    7Y
Row 25 =  7Y   5W  8B     5Y

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 26 =  5Y   8B      4W   7Y
Row 27 =  7Y   4W     7B    5Y
Row 28 =  4Y   5B      6W   7Y   
Row 29 =  7Y   6W     4B    4Y
Row 30 =  4Y   4B      4W   1R     3G     4Y 
Row 31 =  3Y   4G      1R    4W    4B     3Y 
Row 32 =  3Y   4B      4W   1DG  3G     3Y  
Row 33 =  5Y   2DG   4W   3B     3Y
Row 34 =  2Y   1B      6W   1Y     1DG   5Y    
Row 35 =  4Y   2DG   1Y    6W    2Y
Row 36 =  2Y   5W     2Y   1DG   4Y 
Row 37 =  3Y   2DG   3Y    3W    2Y
Row 38 =  8Y   1DG   3Y
Row 39 - 49  =  All Y 


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