Christmas Ornament

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at my blog,  I have only started this blog just over a month ago, and already have had so much support and likes thanks to all of you. 

This weeks c2c crochet christmas pixel pattern is a Christmas Ornament, I really love the colours I have chosen for this pattern, and can wait to see all your photos. (please feel free to change the colours if you want) Once again there are five colours in this pattern, so there will be a few colour changes involved. I will be realising another special pattern this Friday (one which isn't within the nine below). I have so many ideas for patterns which i will be releasing as soon as i have written the patterns out for them. If anyone has any ideas or request for patterns feel free to post a comment below and I will be sure to add it to the list.  


Row 1 - 11 = All LG
Row 12 =  2LG   1R  1LG  2R   1DG   5LG 
Row 13 =  3LG   2R  1DG  5R   2LG
Row 14 =  2LG   1P   4R    1DG   3R   3LG
Row 15 =  3LG   2R  1DG  1R   1DG    4R   1P   2LG
Row 16 =  2LG   1P  1R  1P   3R   3DG   2R  3LG 
Row 17 =  3LG   2R  1DG   1R  1DG  3R   3P   3LG  
Row 18 =  3LG   1R   1P   1R  1P  4R   1DG  3R   3LG
Row 19 =  4LG   1R  1DG   1R  1DG   4R  1P  3R   3LG
Row 20 =  4LG   2R   1P  1R  1P   3R  3DG   1R   4LG 
Row 21 =  4LG   1R   1DG   1R  1DG  3R   3P   3R   4LG  
Row 22 =  4LG   3R  1P  1R   1P  4R   1DG  1R  5LG 
Row 23 =  5LG   1DG   1R   1DG   4R  1P   5R   5LG
Row 24 =  5LG   5R   1P  1R   1P  3R   3DG   5LG
Row 25 =  6LG   1R  1DG   3R   3P   3R   1DG   1R   6LG 

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 26 =  5LG   3DG   3R   1P   1R   1P    5R   5LG 
Row 27 =  5LG   5R   1P  4R   1DG   1R   1DG   5LG 
Row 28 =  5LG   1R  1DG   4R  1P    1R  1P   4R   4LG    
Row 29 =  4LG  3R   3P   3R   1DG    1R   1DG  1R   4LG
Row 30 =  4LG    1R   3DG   3R   1P    1R  1P   2R   4LG 
Row 31 =  3LG   3R   1P   4R   1DG   1R   1DG   1R  4LG 
Row 32 =  3LG   3R   1DG   4R  1P    1R   1P  1R   3LG  
Row 33 =  3LG   3P   3R  1DG   1R   1DG   2R  1Y   2LG 
Row 34 =  1LG   2Y   2R  3DG   3R   1P   1R  1P   2LG    
Row 35 =  2LG   1P   4R   1DG  1R  1DG  2R  2Y   1LG
Row 36 =  1LG   2Y   3R   1DG   4R   1P  2LG 
Row 37 =  3LG   4R   1DG   1R    1LG   2Y   1LG 
Row 38 =  1LG   1Y   3LG   1DG   2R   4 LG 
Row 39 - 49 =  All  LG



  1. wow i luv them all thankuu soo much for taking the time to write each and everyone of them

  2. You are more than welcome, I'm glad that you like them