Christmas Holly

It feels like it has been so long since I posted a christmas blog post on here, I'm so excited to be sharing this c2c pattern with you. This one by far is my favourite pattern. 

I feel that this pattern looks and feels so christmasy, and i just love the shadow effect which I have added to the holly berries. There are five different colours within this pattern, so there will be a few colour changes involved. There are 2 more extra christmas patterns still to come, but will do more if people want them, so let me know down in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. They don't even have to be christmas related. I have had so much fun making these patterns and wish they could carry on for ever. 

I have posted photos at the bottom of this blog, of some of the other extra patterns which i will releasing over the coming weeks, i would love to know which one you would like first (leave a comment below).

B = BLUE        R = RED        DR = DARK RED        G = GREEN        DG = DARK GREEN 

Row 1 - 8 = All B
Row 9   = 3B   1DR    1R    4B
Row 10 = 4B   2R      1DR   3B
Row 11 = 3B   1DR   3R     4B
Row 12 = 5B   2R     1DR   4B
Row 13 = 4B   1DR   3R     5B
Row 14 = 6B   2R     1DR   5B
Row 15 = 4B   1DR   3R   1DR   1R  5B
Row 16 = 5B   2R    1DR   1B   1R   1DR   4B
Row 17 = 4B   1DR  3R    1DR    3R   5B
Row 18 = 3B   1G    2B    2R    1DR  1B    2R   1DR    1G   4B
Row 19 = 1B   1G    1B    2G    1DR   3R   1DR    3R   1B   2G   3B
Row 20 = 1B   1G    1B    4G    2R   1DR   1G   2R   1DR   5G    1B
Row 21 = 1B   6G    2R    2G    2R    7G    1B
Row 22 = 1B   15G   1DG   4G   1B
Row 23 = 1B   4G    2DG    11G    1DG    1G     1DG   1G   1B  
Row 24 = 1B   1G    1DG    1G    2DG    1G    2DG    5G    2DG    2G    3DG    1G    1B 
Row 25 = 2B    1G    1DG    11G     1DG    1G     2DG    4G    2B

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 26 =  2B    9G    1DG    10G    2B
Row 27 =  2B    9G    1DG    1G     1B    4G     1B     2G     2B
Row 28 =  2B    1G    2B      1G     1B    1G     1B    1G    1DG    2G    3B     4G    2B
Row 29 =  2B    2G    4B     4G     9B
Row 30 =  8B    4G    5B    1G     2B 
Row 31 =  7B    2G    1DG   2G    7B 
Row 32 =  6B    2G    1DG   2G   7B  
Row 33 =  6B    2G    1DG   2G    6B
Row 34 =  6B    5G    5B    
Row 35 =  5B    2G    1DG   2G    5B
Row 36 =  4B    3G    1DG   1G    5B 
Row 37 =  4B    5G    4B
Row 38 =  4B    2G    1DG   2G    3B
Row 39 =  3B    2G    1DG   2G    3B
Row 40 =  3B    4G    3B
Row 41 =  3B   3G   3B
Row 42 =  3B   2G   3B
Row 43 = 3B   1G  3B
Row 44 - 49 = ALL B



  1. emma thankuu soo much for sharing ur graphs with us . will u be writting out SANTA STOPS HERE and the candles too ?

    1. HI Mariamny thank you for you lovely comment, i will be posting them very soon, i have just started some more patterns as i just can't stop :)

      If there's a particular pattern you would like to see feel free to let me know :)