Halloween Pumpkin

As it is coming up to Halloween its only right that we have some halloween c2c patterns, so I have made a couple of patterns which I will be releasing over the next week. I haven't really ever celebrated halloween but love everything about it, from the scary films to curving pumpkins. I wanted to start off with a pattern which will hopefully get everyone into the halloween spirt if your not all ready. 

I have created the pattern within the 25 x 25 graph keeping it constant with the other patterns I have made. Feel free to change the colours i have been playing around with them myself, I can't quite make my mind up on which one I prefer. I might even make a mix between the two.

I love the yellow within this pattern as i feel that you get the sense that there is a candle lit inside the pumpkin, however i am not sure if it completely works with the eyes.

This pattern looks a little darker please there is no yellow in this particular one, however in some ways I feel that it works. I may take the mouth from the other pattern and use it in the one, as i eel that it would lighten the pattern slightly, due to there being a lot of dark colours. 

If you are also thinking about mixing the pattern up like i am then it is really easy to do. All you need to remember is when it comes to adding in the yellow (Y)  just remember where you want it, and where you don't just add a Black (B) instead.

Halloween Pumpkin 

G = Grey     B = Black     BR = Brown     Y = Yellow     O = Orange

( Please note that I have put the O within brackets so that you can distinguish between the O for Orange and 0 )

Row 1 - 7 = All G
Row 8 = 1G   3B   4G
Row 9 = 3G   2B   2(O)   1B   1G
Row 10 = 1G   1B   4(O)   2B   2G
Row 11 = 2G   1B   6(O)  1B   1G
Row 12 = 1G   1B   7(O)   1B   2G
Row 13 = 2G   1B   8(O)   1B   1G
Row 14 = 1G   1B   4(O)   3B   2(O)  1B  2G
Row 15 = 3G   2(O)  1B   2Y   1B   4(O)   1B   1G
Row 16 = 1G   1B   5(O)   3Y   2(O)   2B   2G
Row 17 = 2G   1B   2(O)  2B   1Y   2B   5(O)   2G
Row 18 = 2G   1B   6(O)   1B   1Y   2B   2(O)   1B   2G
Row 19 = 2G   1B   2(O)  1B  3Y  7(O)  1B   2G
Row 20 = 3G  7(O)   2B  1Y   1B   3(O)  1B   2G
Row 21 = 3G   2(O)   2B   1Y   1B   8(O)   1B   3G 
Row 22 = 4G  2(O)   3B   4(O)  1B   2Y   1B   1(O)   1B   3G
Row 23 = 3G   1B   2(O)   3Y   2(O)   1B   2(O)   1Y   1B   2(O)  1B   4G
Row 24 = 5G  1B  2(O)  2B  2(O)   1B   1(O)   2B   1Y   1B  2(O)   4G 
Row 25 = 4G  1B  2(O)  1Y  1B  2(O)  2B  2(O)  1B  3(O)  6G

///////////// START DECREASING ///////////////

Row 26 = 5G  1B  3(O)  1B  6(O)  1Y  1B  2(O)  1B  3G
Row 27 = 3G  3(O)  2B  9(O)  1B  5G
Row 28 = 5G  14(O)  1B  2G
Row 29 = 2G  14(O)  1B  4G
Row 30 = 4G  2B  3(O)   3B   6(O)   1B   1G
Row 31 = 1G  1B   6(O)  1Y   1B  2(O)  2B  5G
Row 32 = 4G  1B  1BR  3(O)  2B   5(O)   1B   1G
Row 33 = 1G  1B  5(O)  1B  3(O) 1B  1BR  2B  2G 
Row 34 = 2G  2BR  2B  3(O)  1B  4(O)  1B  1G
Row 35 = 1G  1B  8(O)  1G  1B  1BR   1B  1G
Row 36 = 1G  2B  1G  1B  7(O)  1B  1G
Row 37 = 1G  1B  5(O)  2B  4G
Row 38 = 5G  2B  2(O)  2B  1G
Row 39 = 2G  3B  6G
Row 40 - 49 = All G

Don't forget that I will be uploading these to my Facebook page, where you can find all my patterns.

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