Frosty The Snowman

I am so excited about sharing this pattern with you guys, i just love it so much. I have made a few more patterns which i will be releasing as extras over the coming weeks, as i just can't stop making them. ( Im to much in the christmas spirt ).

What I love most about this pattern is that there is more than just the snowman, i have added snowflakes in the background to add that little bit extra to the overall pattern. I also think it feels as well as looks so Christmassy. The colours all work so nicely together. I have started the pattern as you can see but still need to finish is off, (Will post a photo of the finished one soon promise).

I have posted photos at the bottom of this blog, of some of the other extra patterns which i will releasing over the coming weeks, i would love to know which one you would like first (leave a comment below).

B = BLUE      W = WHITE     BR = BROWN    BL = BLACK    R = RED     (O) = ORANGE     G = GREEN 

( Please note that I have put the O within brackets so that you can distinguish between the O for Orange and 0 )

Row 1 - 3 = All B
Row 4 = 1B 1W 2B
Row 5 = 3B 1W 1B
Row 6 = 1B 2W 3B 
Row 7 = 4B 2W 1B
Row 8 = 1B 1W 3B 1W 2B
Row 9 = 7B 1W 1B
Row 10 = 1B 3W 6B
Row 11 = 5B 5W 1B
Row 12 = 1B 6W 5B
Row 13 = 1B 1W 3B 7W 1B 
Row 14 = 1B 7W 2B 1BR 3B
Row 15 = 4B 2BR 8W 1B
Row 16 = 1B 9W 1B 1BR 4B
Row 17 = 7B 5W 1BL 3W 1B
Row 18 = 1B 10W 7B
Row 19 = 4B 1W 3B 10W 1B
Row 20 = 1B 6W 1BL 4W 1B 1R 6B
Row 21 = 6B 3R 9W 1B 1W 1B
Row 22 = 1B 1W 1B 9W 1R 6B 1W 2B
Row 23 = 8B 2W 1R 1W 1BL 6W 1B 2W 1B
Row 24 = 1B 2W 2B 7W 1R 3W 6B 1W 1B 
Row 25 = 8B 4W 1R 7W 5B

////////// START DECREASING ///////// 

Row 26 = 5B 6W 1R 1W 2BL 2W 7B
Row 27 = 3B 1W 3B 3W 1BL 1W 1R 5W 5B 
Row 28 = 6B 3W 1R 1W 1B 4W 1BL 5B
Row 29 = 5B 1BL 1W 1BL 1(O) 3W 3B 1BR 2B 1W 2B
Row 30 = 9B 1W 1BL 3W 2BL 4B 
Row 31 = 3B 3BL 1W 1BL 3W 3B 1BR 4B
Row 32 = 3B 2BR 3B 4W 4BL 2B
Row 33 = 2B 4BL 3W 2B 1W 5B 
Row 34 = 8B 2W 4BL 2B
Row 35 = 2B 2BL 1R 1BL 9B 
Row 36 = 8B 4G 2B
Row 37 = 2B 2BL 9B
Row 38 = 1B 1W 7B 1BL 2B
Row 39 = 6B 1W 4B
Row 40 = 1OB
Row 41 = 2B 1W 6B
Row 42 = 8B
Row 43 = 7B
Row 44 = 2B 1W 3B
Row 45 - 49 = All B


  1. I'm so glad you posted the written pattern for this snowman! I was about to start this square and was kinda dreading following the graph. The C2C graphs get me totally lost in comparison to reading the graphs horizontally. It's a personal

    1. I totally understand where your coming from, I have the same problem sometimes 😄

  2. Replies
    1. You are more than welcome, i love making these patterns, and love the fact everyone else do to :)

  3. is there a written for the santa's and the candles? i luv that u take the time to write them all thankuu for sharing

    1. Hi there mariamny the Santa pattern will be released tomorrow, as I am still writing the patterns out for them :)

    2. thankuu Emma u r the best

  4. Emma, do you cut the yarn each time you change color? I am new to the whole C2C thing. Just trying to figure out if the yarn is cut each time color is changed?

    1. Hi mcmom4x4 I cut the wool each time and knot it off to stop it from unwinding