Christmas Robin

After creating the pixel snowflake a couple of days ago, I decided that it would be nice to continue creating them. So after searching the internet i have managed to create another eight squares, with the possibility of there being a couple more.

I will be releasing one each week, running up to christmas to get you all into the holiday spirt.

Red Robin

G - Green                        T - Toffee
            R - Red                        DB - Dark Brown   
B - Black                                         

Row 1 - 9 -  All G
Row 10  - 3G   5R   2G
Row 11  - 2G   6R   3G
Row 12  - 2G   1B   7R   3G 
Row 13  - 2G   8R   1B   2G
Row 14  - 2G   1B   9R   2G
Row 15  - 2G   9R   2B   2G
Row 16  - 3G   1B   10R   2G
Row 17  - 2G   11R   1T   3G
Row 18  - 3G   1T   12R   2G
Row 19  - 3G   12R   1T   3G
Row 20  - 3G   2T   1R   2T   9R   3G
Row 21  - 3G   8R   7T   3G
Row 22  - 3G   9T   7R   1DB   2G
Row 23  - 3G   1DG   1R   1T   4R   9T   4G
Row 24  - 4G   16T   1DB   3G
Row 25  - 4G   1T   1B   15T   4G

/////////////////// Start Decreasing /////////////

Row 26  - 3G   18T   3G
Row 27  - 3G   18T   2G
Row 28  - 1G   19T   2G
Row 29  - 2G   14T   5G
Row 30  - 6G   12T   2G
Row 31  - 2G   10T   7G
Row 32  - 8G   8T   2G
Row 33  - 2G   6T   9G
Row 34  - 10G   4T   2G
Row 35 - 49  - all G

I will be posting photos of the finished pattern over the next couple of days. I would love to see all your photos. 

I'm really happy with how this patterns has turned out, I feel that the colours work great together, however if I was to go back and change anything it would be the feet of the robin, I would do it dark brown like the beak. 

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  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for the pattern. Since I've moved to England I love spotting Red Robin - especially over Christmas xxx