Pets at home Haul

This week I decided it would be nice to stock up on some toys and treats for buddy. We have nearly had him for a whole year, and wanted to buy some treat for him to open for this special occasion. I am a huge dog fan and have they have always been my favourite pet (sorry cat fans). But i love to wrap his presents up, just as much as he loves opening them.

Baby Blanket

I have made several baby blankets before, however they have always been themed for baby boys, using blues, white and grey. So when i found out that a friend at work was having a baby girl, i was over the moon to get to create a baby blanket for a girl. 

Christmas Stocking

Just before christmas I decided to make a christmas stocking for my dog buddy. I love christmas and wanted him to play a big part in this. I didn't want or need the stocking to be huge, but a size which was big enough for a few treats and toys. The stocking measures 15 inches tall by 5 inches wide. 


So for the last month I have been working on a larger project for a christmas present. I love making things for people, and wanted to make something more personal as a present rather than buying just anything for a gift. I came up with this idea after seeing a few inspirations from other crocheter on Facebook. I wanted it to be fairly a large size so it can be used a blanket or throw for a bed. I came up with several different designs such as adding names, however I felt that it took away from the main image.

Lush Haul

In December I did some lush shopping for some christmas presents as well as received some as christmas presents.