Christmas Stocking

Just before christmas I decided to make a christmas stocking for my dog buddy. I love christmas and wanted him to play a big part in this. I didn't want or need the stocking to be huge, but a size which was big enough for a few treats and toys. The stocking measures 15 inches tall by 5 inches wide. 


So for the last month I have been working on a larger project for a christmas present. I love making things for people, and wanted to make something more personal as a present rather than buying just anything for a gift. I came up with this idea after seeing a few inspirations from other crocheter on Facebook. I wanted it to be fairly a large size so it can be used a blanket or throw for a bed. I came up with several different designs such as adding names, however I felt that it took away from the main image.

Lush Haul

In December I did some lush shopping for some christmas presents as well as received some as christmas presents. 

Hello Kitty

So now the holidays are over I really shouldn't be making anymore christmas themed pixel patterns, although I'm sure there will be a couple which slips in once in a while. I have decided to do something completely different this week, still keeping to the pixel c2c pattern. Hello Kitty is popular all over the world, most of all by my niece, so i only found it right to design a hello kitty pattern which i wanted to make into a cushion cover. 

The last few weeks

First of all, sorry that it has been so quiet on here for the last few weeks, I have been mega busy working, visiting family and crocheting :)